Our History


1999 Francesco Zanata founded Eltech K-Laser.

2002 he launched the first K-Laser, a portable power laser in the world (class IV) in the sports physiotherapy market.

2003 K Laser is the portable laser used by the most important teams in the world, such as Milan Calcio. 

2003 K-Laser designed the world’s first portable power laser (class IV) for dental surgery (only 450 g).

2004 a revolutionary laser was born, maximum portability and a power of 6 Watts with 2 wavelengths, with “dynamic therapy” at different phases.

2005 K-Laser obtained the first FDA certification in the United States of America for the class IV Laser medical.

2006 K Laser introduces the first medical laser in the world with the Zoom handpiece. 

2009 K-Laser launched a new 1200 laser with its own design and introduced the medical “Touch Screen” and the rechargeable nanophosphate battery for a unique, portable and even more powerful device thanks to 12 Watts.

2012 the “K-Laser Cube” line is designed internally and presented on the market: 1 portable laser with power up to 20 Watts and up to 4 wavelengths in a single laser! 

2013 K-Laser introduced a true revolution in the Dental Laser by creating the Laser Blue.

2014 K-Laser On-Demand is introduced: the first portal for the operational management of devices via WI-FI.

2016 K-Laser Cube Performance is born, a portable laser only for veterinarians. a Class 4 laser with 25 Watts of power, dynamic optics to increase therapy performance… once again reversing the status quo of the world laser therapy.

2016 K-live is the K Laser portal dedicated to medical professionals.

2018 the “K-laser Blue VET” laser was born, the first blue laser for the veterinary sector.

2020 Speciale Live Therapy is coming.