Want to find out more about K-Laser? How to service your current device or upgrade to a new one? The answers to these questions and more can be found below!

The new K-Laser USA website is now live! You can learn about K-Laser, our services, and much more by visiting klaser.us

Laser Therapy Products LLC, founded by Dr. Richard Albright changed its name to K-Laser USA LLC to serve as an exclusive distributor for Eltech K-Laser S.r.l. across the US and Canada.  

In February 2018, we found out that K-Laser USA LLC was in violation of our distribution agreement by affixing the K-Laser logo to a product made in China, called Platinum, stating that it was a new K-Laser device model of higher quality. This product was not manufactured by Eltech K-Laser S.r.l.  

The distribution agreement with Summus (K-Laser USA LLC at the time) has since been terminated.  

K-Laser is pleased to announce its new partnership with Indiba US. Effective Monday, October 26, Indiba US is K-Laser’s new distributor across North America and Canada. If you have questions about your K-Laser device, please contact our US office by calling (978) 300-0545 or emailing Janet.Reardon@indiba.com directly. 

No. Summus Medical Laser, LLC has never been the inventor, manufacturer or legitimate owner of K-Laser products and brands. 

Eltech K-Laser S.r.l. is the inventor, owner and manufacturer of the K-Laser brands and K-Laser devices. All devices are exclusively made in Italy. 

If your laser is broken or you need service support, you can fill out our Service Intake Service Intake Form to get the process started. If you need to speak with a service representative directly, contact K-Laser USA at KLaserUSAService@sdpartnersinc.com or give us a call (605) 874-7000. 

Please have the serial number and purchase date of your device ready when speaking with a representative.  

To get the process started of upgrading or buying a new K-Laser, please contact Indiba US by calling (978) 300-0545 or emailing Janet.Reardon@indiba.com to learn more about your options. We’ll put you in touch with a representative that can best assist you based on your needs. 

The best way to find out if there are any promotions or specials happening at K-Laser is to contact our distribution office, Indiba US: 

E: Janet.Reardon@indiba.com 
P: (978) 300-0545 

We’ll put you in touch with a member of our sales team to discuss what promotions are currently happening! 

We’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with our Indiba US office by calling (978) 300-0545 or emailing Janet.Reardon@indiba.com and we’ll have a specialist contact you directly with more information about K-Laser and what product might be right for you.  

In the meantime, you can visit www.klaser.eu/en at any time to learn more about K-Laser and our products.


Yes! K-Laser and Indiba US are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership together. Indiba US is fully committed to providing K-Laser’s customers across North America and Canada with as much support and service as needed.

Our customer support team is available Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm (EST) by calling (978) 300-0545 or emailing janet.reardon@indiba.com

The Indiba US office is located at 100 Cummings Center, Suit 227G, Beverly, MA 01915.